Aged Care Consulting Services to help you operate with confidence in the Aged Care Sector

We have the right Aged Care Consulting team to help you apply, operate and succeed in the aged care sector. Whether you’re a new provider or already established, we’ll help you move forward to be the best provider you can be.

  • amerginhub New Aged Care Consulting Services

    New Aged Care Business

    Applying to become a Home Care Provider can be confusing; not knowing where to start or how to find all the information in one place. The Amergin Aged Care Consulting team can help!

    Our team will work closely with you to determine the right care model and application pathway to suit your experience and purpose. This ensures confidence and success for the business, in addition to the most appropriate care types for older people accessing your services.

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  • amerginhub Established Aged Care Consulting Services

    Existing Aged Care Business

    We understand aged care and the many challenges already established providers face each day as you aim to provide high quality services to those in need.

    We have worked with established businesses to further innovate and grow strategically and operationally. This has allowed these businesses to develop new programs and services that meet the rapidly changing needs of the sector and ageing population, in addition to further enhance the customer service experience in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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We provide the following Services:

  • Personalised Aged Care consultancy
  • New service establishment
  • Consumer Directed Care modelling
  • Online guidance courses i.e. Home Care Application Form
  • Document development – Policies, Procedures and Operational Documents
  • Clinical Governance Framework development and consultancy
  • Quality Review support (prior and ongoing)
  • Ongoing compliance support including gap analysis
  • Grant/Tender application support
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing and Business Development support
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