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  • Grow and innovate to meet the rapidly changing needs of the sector
  • Improve your quality management and compliance systems
  • Apply to become an Aged Care Provider ensuring the process is both educational and easy to understand

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Meet our Aged Care Team

  • Aynsley Johnson

    Aynsley is Amergin’s Aged Care Manager, with expertise in community aged care practices and compliance.

    Aynsley has experience in supporting Government, Not-For-Profit and Private businesses to ensure the highest quality care for our older Australians.

    To learn more about Aynsley’s experience visit her LinkedIn profile.

  • Jennifer Rogers

    Jennifer is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in residential and community aged care including clinical care services and management.

    Jennifer’s most recent position was as a Quality Assessor for the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission whereby she analysed provider systems and processes in line with the Aged Care Quality Standards.

    To learn more about Jennifer’s experience visit her LinkedIn profile.

Aynsley and Jennifer work alongside businesses across Australia to ensure their systems and processes not just meet their needs and requirements but exceeds them.

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To learn more about the application process and how Amergin can help OR to discuss your current approved provider needs, use the calendar below to book a consultation with our Aged Care Team.

All consults are 15-30 minutes in length and conducted by telephone. Longer consultations can be booked if you have multiple items you would like to discuss, however additional charges may apply. Please notify our team in the notes field on your booking so that we accommodate your request.

Did you know?

With an Amerginhub membership, you’ll have access to a range of application support, educational tools, and downloadable resources to help you get where you want to go as an approved Aged Care Provider.

The portal also helps to take the headache out of maintaining compliance through Watch.Read.Do – a compliance management feature that helps you to stay on top of ever-changing rules and regulations and know that you’re delivering best practice services. Each Watch.Read.Do update contains a video, written documentation, and a checklist so that you can ensure you’re delivering services in line with government standards. If changes to a policy and procedure or other form or document is required as part of the update, we’ll provide an example of that too!

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