Have an NDIS Audit coming up?
We can make sure your organisation is ready.

Your Audit doesn’t need to be stressful. Being prepared and knowing what to expect will help you navigate the process.

Our Social Impact Consulting team can:

  • Evaluate your internal quality systems.
  • Review your organisation’s governance, risk management and management controls.
  • Make sure you are operating in accordance with the relevant standards and legislation.
  • Provide a full report with insights and recommendations.
  • Provide onsite training and implementation support.

NDIS Audits make sure you comply with the quality and safety obligations you have to NDIS Participants. They also help you to identify any ‘gaps’ in compliance – areas where you currently aren’t meeting the Standards, or where you could be doing something more or different in order to meet – or even exceed – the Standards.

  • amerginhub | Your Simple Guide to What to Expect at an NDIS Audit

  • Get a Copy of our NDIS Audit Guide

    Amerginhub Members can access a copy of our ‘What to Expect at an NDIS Audit‘ guide, which will help prepare you for your next audit.

    The NDIS Audit Guide covers:

    • The difference between ‘Verification’ and ‘Certification’ audits;
    • Who conducts the audits;
    • The cost of an audit;
    • How you need to demonstrate compliance; and
    • The possible outcomes of audits.

Access everything you need to prepare for your next audit on Amerginhub.

As a member of Amerginhub, you don’t need to stress over your upcoming audit. Book a consult with our specialist auditor to discuss your requirements, grab our Simple Guide to Your NDIS Audit and maintain compliance all in one place. Show your clients (and your auditor) that you’re up to date with Amerginhub.

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