How to Become a NDIS Provider

Becoming a NDIS Provider can be a costly, complex and timely process. We make the process simple to understand while providing you with the most time-sensitive and cost-effective solutions to help get you registered.

  • Step One — Read the Amergin NDIS Provider Guide

    For a great snapshot of the industry and the things you’ll need to consider as a provider of disability services in Australia.

    Download Guide

  • The front cover image of Amergin's NDIS Provider Guide, designed to explain the NDIS Registration Process.

  • A display image of Amerginhub's VeriCert tool designed to help navigate the NDIS Registration Process with ease.

  • Step Two — Use Our VeriCert Tool

    Use our free VeriCert tool to determine which Registration pathway you will need to follow.

    Start VeriCert Tool

Step Three — Begin your NDIS registration journey.

Amergin’s Social Impact Consulting team can prepare your documentation and help you navigate the NDIS Registration or NDIS Registration Renewal processes while providing practical coaching around your responsibilities as a provider.

Please Note: If you fall under Verification, you can purchase our Verification Pack that contains everything you need to complete the registration process and undergo your Verification Audit.

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