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Becoming an NDIS provider is exciting, challenging and offers much opportunity.
It also comes with a lot of responsibility. Our goal is to make the process simple, understandable and help prepare you for what’s to come.

We deliver what others can’t.

  • A Quality Guarantee on our work so you know we’re accountable when it matters.
  • 100% success rate across both simple and highly complex registration processes.
  • Australia’s most innovative ongoing compliance system that will support and empower you beyond registration.

What you need to consider

Providing services to people with disability is a serious business which means registration is not just about ticking boxes. Here’s what you need to do to get started.

  • Step One

    Read the Amergin Provider Guide

    For a great snapshot of the industry and the things you’ll need to consider as a provider of disability services in Australia.

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  • Step Two

    Choose your Registration Groups

    Your registration pathway is determined by many factors including the supports and services you intend to provide. Review the NDIS Guide to Suitability to determine what services you would like to deliver.

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