Going through NDIS Certification?

We’ll help develop everything you need to undergo NDIS Certification as a new NDIS Provider, or help you to renew your registration with the NDIS Commission, ensuring your NDIS forms and documents are updated to meet the new Quality and Safeguards Standards.

Not sure if you fall under Verification or Certification?

All amerginhub members have access to our VeriCert Pilot, allowing you to determine exactly which registration pathway is best for you.

How we can help you register or renew under NDIS Certification

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  • We offer a variety of solutions to suit your needs and budget when it comes to developing the NDIS forms and documentation required to apply or renew as a NDIS Provider.

    Our templated Policies and Procedures are available for purchase with any amerginhub subscription and can be downloaded with ease at any time from within your account Dashboard. Our Tailored packs include varying levels of consultation with our expert Amergin NDIS Consulting team. If you require guidance and support through the process, book a free initial consult to get the process underway.

Template Policies & Procedures

From $20 Each

When you want a selection of templated policies and procedures

  • Work Health & Safety (4)
  • Best Practice Management (5)
  • Service Delivery (5)
  • Human Resources (5)
  • Workplace Health & Safety (4)
  • Client Safety (4)
  • Rights & Responsibilities (5)
  • Governance (5)

Instructions on how to tailor the policies and procedures are included

Tailored Policies & Procedures Pack

From $1,800 Plus GST

When you want us to tailor policies and procedures for your business

  • Fully tailored policies and procedures manual core 22 standards
  • 1.5 hour consult with NDIS Consultant
  • Additional practice standard modules*:
    • Early Childhood Early Intervention Requires 7 Additional Standards
    • Specialist Support Coordination Requires 3 Additional Standards
    • Specialist Positive Behaviour Support Requires 15 Additional Standards
    • Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Requires 3 Additional Standards
    • High Intensity Daily Personal Activities Due to the complex clinical nature of delivering this services, we ask that you book in a time to speak with an Amergin Business Partner to discuss.

Additional Practice Standard Modules attract an additional fee.

Registration, Renewal & Compliance Pack

From $3,900 Plus GST

When you need to register or renew with the NDIS Commission and want an Amergin Business Partner to support you from start to finish

  • Fully tailored policies and procedures manual core 22 standards
  • SmartPlan (application guidance)
  • Online Self-Assessment Course
  • Supporting Forms and Documents
  • Referral to preferred auditing body
  • Comprehensive education, support and business advice
  • A dedicated NDIS Consultant to support you through the process
  • 50% off your amerginhub Partner membership.

Additional Practice Standard Modules attract an additional fee.

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