NDIS Verification

Are you delivering lower risk NDIS services, such as Therapeutic or Allied Health supports, Plan Management, Home Modifications, Vehicle and Transport services, Interpreting and Translation, or Assistive Products and Equipment?

We’ll help you understand what’s involved and give you all the tools you need to become or remain a Verified Registered NDIS Provider.

What is Verification?

The term Verification relates to the type of NDIS Audit you need to undergo as part of the NDIS registration or renewal process, based on the types of NDIS supports or services you provide. Verification audits are smaller-scope audits conducted for businesses delivering lower risk NDIS supports and services to NDIS Participants.

The Verification registration process involves:

  1. An online application to the NDIS Commission
  2. A brief self-assessment against the NDIS Practice Standards’ Verification Module (part of the online application)
  3. Uploading evidence such as professional qualifications and relevant policies and procedures
  4. Arranging and undergoing a Verification audit.

Not sure whether you need to go through the Verification process?

Use Amerginhub’s VERICERT TOOL to find out.

Get Registered or Renew your Registration

Our comprehensive Verification Pack provides businesses who are delivering Verification* supports and services with all the tools you need to become or remain a Verified Registered NDIS Provider.

The Verification Pack will give you the documentation and guidance you need to complete the NDIS registration or renewal process and undergo your Verification audit against the NDIS Practice Standards’ Verification Module.

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*If you are delivering higher risk NDIS supports and services, you will need to undergo full Certification against at least the Core NDIS Practice Standards. Check out our Certification PACKS for support with this.

Become a Best Practice Provider with Amerginhub

Amerginhub provides you with a secure dashboard to store and download your NDIS Verification documents. And, when updates are made to the documents contained in your pack, you can download the latest version from your account at any time.

Amerginhub also provides you with access to multiple suites of organisational templates that can be tailored to suit your individual business requirements. From general and participant NDIS forms through to staff and medication management forms, our resources are regularly updated to ensure you get the very latest in changes across the sector.

With the backing of Amergin’s expert consulting team developing these documents, you can rest assured that Amerginhub is your one-stop shop for all of your organisational needs.

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