Going through NDIS Verification?

We have everything you need to get through the NDIS Verification process in preparation for the desktop audit, including NDIS forms and policies and guidance on completing the renewal!

Not sure if you fall under Verification or Certification?

All Amerginhub members have access to our VeriCert Pilot, allowing you to determine exactly which registration pathway is best for you.

Our Verification Pack provides everything you need to complete your NDIS registration and undergo your Verification Audit.

The pack even provides guidance to help you tailor your documents to your business’ own unique services and operating environment.

The NDIS Verification Pack has been meticulously crafted by our expert NDIS Consultant team to help give you the best chance of success as a NDIS Provider. All files will download to your computer immediately after purchasing, meaning you can get started on tailoring your documentation straight away.

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  • Your Verification Pack Includes:

    • A SmartPlan to guide you through the registration process
    • A verification self-assessment online course
    • The specific policies and procedures you need to be compliant
    • Supporting documents and forms
    • Referral to an approved NDIS Auditor

    Note: The Verification Pack does not include the audit. This must be arranged and paid for with one of the auditing bodies approved by the NDIS Commission.

    Please Note: The Verification Pack is only available to purchase from amerginhub Monthly Membership and Annual Partnership plans.

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Your gateway to NDIS forms and documents

As an Amerginhub Member, you’ll get access to a multiple suites of organisational templates that can be downloaded and tailored to suit your business’ requirements. From general and participant NDIS forms through to staff and medication management forms, our resources are regularly updated to ensure you get the very latest in changes across the sector.

With the backing of Amergin’s expert consulting team developing these documents, you can rest assured that amerginhub is your one-stop shop for all of your organisational needs.

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