We have specialised support services for all Allied Health NDIS Providers.

  • Allied Health NDIS Provider Services

    About 55% of active NDIS providers are delivering allied health services, including Therapeutic Supports, and nearly 50% of these providers are sole traders. There are several safeguards in place to ensure providers are suitable to deliver their services in a safe and high-quality manner. For instance, providers delivering services such as Therapeutic Supports and other professional NDIS Registration Groups must:

    • possess minimum qualifications and be registered with a professional association such as the Australian Counselling Association;
    • comply with registration and compliance requirements; and
    • understand the NDIS operating environment and how to help participants achieve their goals in accordance with their NDIS Plans.

    We know allied health professionals face unique challenges when it comes to registering and operating as NDIS Providers, such as:

    • the breadth of supports they provide – from assessment and diagnosis through to therapeutic care, capacity building and mental health support;
    • the range of service delivery settings they work in – from hospitals and outpatient clinics to community health services, private practices and clients’ homes; and
    • the administrative burden associated with meeting NDIS registration and compliance requirements.
  • Allied Health NDIS Provider sits with young child playing with toys

Whether you’re delivering Therapeutic Supports or more specialist services like early childhood early intervention (ECEI) and positive behavioural support, our team understands the environment you work in and how to cut through the red tape.

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