Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking About Joining?

How will amerginhub help my organisation?

Providing a disability or aged care service comes with many responsibilities and challenges. You need to be able to manage the ‘business side of things’ while also being aware of, and operating within, the bounds of government regulations and codes of practice (that are continually changing). To manage these demands, you need a complete support service that can help you stay in control.

amerginhub is the most empowerful support platform available to NDIS and Aged Care providers. By working in-line with your organisation’s specific requirements, you’ll be part of a true business partnership that delivers instant access to a wide range of support services, all within a supportive environment. It will change the way you do things by helping you become more efficient, effective and compliant, no matter where you are on your journey.

Visit our benefits page for more information on how we will make things a whole lot easier.

Why amerginhub?

amerginhub is our provider support ‘Centre of Excellence’ that will change the way you operate. Joining our community will connect you to a growing list of like-minded providers that emphasises a personal experience within a supportive environment.

You will have access to specialist expertise, support and guidance all in one place. We will continue to develop the services we offer through based on what you need, so when things change for you, they also change for us.

The best thing about amerginhub is the reassurance that you’re heading in the right track and you have the support available to you, when you need it – whether you just want the latest industry news; be able to book in a consultant for specialist advice/training; or, want to access the latest webinar on audit preparedness,

amerginhub will help you run things with absolute confidence.

Do I need to be a large organisation to use amerginhub?

We support every organisation, no matter the size or where you are on your journey.

Our membership options allow you to choose the best fit for your organisation.

Why do I need compliance?

Meeting legislative and regulatory requirements is a fundamental part of running a NDIS and/or Aged Care business. Once changes are released and enacted, the business is then responsible for implementing them into their procedures and practices.

amerginhub takes the hassle out of compliance, helping you meet your obligations and incorporating up-to-date ‘best practice’ processes.

What are the costs?

Joining our community is absolutely free! As a subscriber, you’ll be kept up-to date with breaking industry news and a wide variety of other important information.

If you’re looking to access our full range of support services, we offer several membership options to suit your requirements and budget. To find out more about member options, Compare Our Plans.

Member or Partner?

How can I change my password?

You can change your password by visiting the Personal Details tab on your My Account page.

How do I update my profile?

You can update all of your personal details via your Personal Details tab on your My Account page.

I'm having trouble accessing some content. What do I do?

If you’re having trouble accessing any of our online content including web pages, videos or documents, please Lodge a Support Request. We will get back to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends).

I want to book time with an Amergin Consultant. What do I do?

If you would like to book in training or dedicated one-on-one support with a specialist Amergin Consultant, go to our Guidance & Training page to schedule in an appointment. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

I just signed up to a paid subscription level and can't access the page I want, please help!

When your paid amerginhub account is created or a free subscription level is upgraded to a Member or Partner level, the account is temporarily placed ‘On Hold‘ until our support team verifies your ABN.

This process may take up to 48 hours to be completed. Please ensure your contact details are correct so that we can contact you if required.

Until activated, your account will retain the same access to features and content as a free subscriber.

Once your account has been verified you will have full access to paid features and resources. You will also receive an email to the email address linked to the account confirming your access.

My account's ABN has already been verified but I don't have access to certain pages anymore, what do I do?

If your renewal payment is rejected/declined you will receive email notification that your payment has failed. If after three attempts to process the renewal payment, your account will be placed ‘On Hold‘. While your account is on hold, you will only have access to features and content as a free subscriber.

Until the renewal payment is made the account will remain on hold.

Payment details can be updated via the Manage My Subscription Page from your main dashboard when logged into your account.

Member or Partner changed to Subscriber

If you have switched your account from a paid membership to the free subscription, you will only have access to content and features available to subscribers. Check here for inclusions.

User Guidelines

I can't log in to my account. Please help!

amerginhub is continually being updated with new content and features. Occasionally, your browser may store old cached versions of our content and you won’t see our most recent changes. This includes your amerginhub Login page.

Login issues can often be resolved by clearing your browser cache and deleting browser cookies.

If you believe your issue may be password related, please try changing your password.

Can I upgrade my membership?

Of course! When logged into your account, simply Change Your Plan. Your existing subscription will be cancelled and renewed with the new selection.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel any membership with amerginhub at any time.

Head to the Manage My Subscriptions tab on your Account Dashboard and select Cancel. Termination of your account will take effect immediately. On cancelling your account, your membership status will change to ‘On Hold’ until the termination process is completed on the next business day. You will receive a confirmation email once your account has been suspended.

Can I give other people my login?

Each membership is provided with a unique login and is assigned to a single user in your organisation – you are not permitted to share this with other people.

Can I share amerginhub content with other people?

To help our team continue to build new features and provide the best membership value, we ask that you do not share any content from amerginhub outside of your organisation.

All amerginhub content — including web content, videos, documents and other material – is protected by strong Intellectual Property (IP) laws. For more information, check out our Terms and Conditions.

Help! I didn't receive a confirmation email.

Although we’ve put considerable effort into ensuring successful email delivery, certain mail providers will still mark communications as SPAM. Please ensure you check your Spam or Junk folders.

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