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NDIS Registration and NDIS Provider Support with Amerginhub

The Amergin Social Impact Consulting team can prepare your documentation and help you navigate the NDIS Registration or NDIS Registration Renewal processes while providing practical coaching around your responsibilities as a NDIS provider.

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Verification Certification

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    Our team continues to raise the benchmark that others can only follow. We bring together practical education, high-quality documentation and exceptional service to make sure every business we support walks away with confidence and the best chance of success. Becoming a provider can be challenging, complex and timely task. We understand that to get to your destination, you need flexible support with the best expertise backing you every step of the way.

Use the calendar below to book a Certification Consult with our Social Impact Consulting Team.

All consults are 15 minutes in length and conducted by telephone. Longer consultations can be booked if you have multiple items you would like to discuss, however additional charges may apply. Please notify our consulting team in the notes field on your booking so that we accommodate your request.

Important Note: If you fall under Verification, Amerginhub Members can purchase our Verification Pack that contains everything you need to complete your NDIS Registration and undergo your Verification Audit.

Did you know?

As a member of Amerginhub, you’ll have access to a range of application support, educational tools and downloadable resources to help you get where you want to go as an approved NDIS Provider.

The portal also helps to take the headache out of maintaining compliance through Watch.Read.Do – a compliance management feature that helps you to stay on top of ever changing rules and regulations and know that you’re delivering best practice services. Each Watch.Read.Do update contains a video, written documentation and a checklist so that you can ensure you’re delivering services in line with government standards. If changes to a policy and procedure of other form or document is required as part of the update, we’ll provide an example of that too!

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